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tv   Headline News  RT  July 10, 2013 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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egyptian prosecutors issue an arrest warrant for the muslim brotherhood leader after monday's deadly clashes while rival political factions failed to agree on a transition plan leaving the country in deadlock. russia says it's evidence that syrian rebels not government troops have refused chemical weapons is ready to be made public and that's according to russia's foreign minister who also hit back at u.s. efforts to put the blame on the syrian regime. and with now the word snowden widely expected to receive political asylum in venezuela so i dare any for the fugitive whistleblower is growing across latin america party speaks to that with your foreign minister about what's behind the support.
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this is actually coming to you live from moscow i'm marina josh and welcome to the program. egyptian prosecutor's office has ordered the arrest of the muslim brotherhood leader mohamed body is accused of provoking dadley clashes at a rally on monday in support of the ousted president mohamed morsy are just fall asleep has the details. well egypt's prosecutor has issued an arrest warrant for mohammed but the leader of the muslim brotherhood the charges are on inciting violence for the fifty five people who were killed in those bloody clashes back on monday between the pro morsy supporters and and the military in front of the republican guard headquarters building also hearing that at least nine other of west warrants have been issued for high ranking members of the muslim brotherhood the question though is where is this muslim brotherhood leader it is widely thought
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that he could be inside the rubble a mosque now this is where hundreds of thousands of pro morsi muslim brotherhood supporters have been holding a vigil calling for morsy to be released from detention and reinstated so the question needs to be answered as to how the police are actually going to enter this massive crowd and a wrist mohammed badie the concern however is that this is going to be a more provocation if will ultimately lead to more violence from both sides awaiting the announcement has been greeted with great anger by muslim brotherhood supporters what we have seen is both sides both being pro more see the anti morsi and also the military itself being extremely hot headed and adamant that they're going to stick to their guns and make sure that this side of this whole uprising and this whole demonstration is made the there are many here in egypt that i speak to who are concerned that the longer this violence drags out the more likely it is that we could see this country on the brink of some kind of civil war there have
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been talks throughout the day today wednesday with various political factions by the interim prime minister and he really is trying to get them on board but he's facing a lot of opposition he has put forward a five month roadmap. and the constitution will be amended in the next fifteen days and then within four months they will be some kind of referendum here in which the public will be asked to ratify the constitution the. thousand and fourteen will be new elections followed by a presidential poll that both the muslim brotherhood and. as well as opposition have rejected this timetable the muslim brotherhood rejects the whole process it says its. thirty five opposition parties who belong to the national. international atomic energy agency. today they were not consulted
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on the whole article since they do not agree with the fact that you have such. destruction on the street well earlier i talked to. a senior advisor to the muslim brotherhood and he told me that what's happening in egypt right now has nothing to do with democracy. and again think that one of the people. going on. a criminal. complaint. if you. needed. a little bit of a cold in the cool looking about a. record from around the party. trying to get back at me i hold that many people thinking minutes are going to go on. for roughly around the country with no trial.
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people killed. people if you want to write i want to negotiate can people be them. you know what if you don't get on the street anything directly to the prison because the negotiation is the most compromised and here this thing is the only one that we want to get the mean thing the president and then everything else and negotiate on the people think that they're going to be given but in that mean not a minute you're going. while political rivals in egypt resort to force and tough rather rake the country's economic woes remain on addressed deadly clashes across the country have wiped out a major source of income tourism. now explains. behind me is the egyptian museum one of the most popular tourist destinations in the whole of the country is the first port of call for many tourists coming off the plane here in downtown cairo however it isn't empty this is
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a scene that's been seen across the country in all the most popular tourist destinations putting a week of political turmoil after the ouster of mohamed morsi egypt's tourists and history which makes up eleven percent of the country's economy has taken a massive beating since the tiny with a defined evolution particularly as terrorists are becoming increasingly scarce in the last week we've seen massive nationwide demonstrations funded by clashes between rival groups and on sunday fifty people were killed in clashes between security forces and supporters all the deposed president leaving many to face the terrorists won't come to egypt in the future that being trouble mornings are big issues by embassies including the u.s. embassy who's actually sent most spend on emergency stop crime after a u.s. citizen was stopped last week in these bloody clashes made to international tour operators that are becoming kind of also come so better as to buy orcas on september fearing the fiscal shammai will continue to do this this is a free to like but the work place has most kids however local tour operators on
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souvenir shops who don't have international backing to be able to plug the gaps be pulled one month. we need to do is to pull the plug the no this don't play for so young and then we see if he did that somebody close close and you feel as if there's actually no more war then he says he steve thanks very much sarkozy. so people are fearing meant as those supporters of the previous leader mohamed morsy remain in assistant and refuse to go home in various parts of the country that are going to see further clashes but those like shoki working in the tourist industry they feed this means tourists are going to continue to be scared from coming to egypt and actually the future of egypt's tourism is going to be even worse. the political crisis in egypt has devastated the country stores ministry and it's also having an impact on the economy as
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a whole earlier i talked about this with kate he'll be him. well right now egypt is stuck in a bit of a vicious cycle because of the risen which accounts for a ten over a tenth of the g.d.p. of the growth of the economy is already lost two point five billion dollars as a result so tourism a cent well that sounds like a lot of money and surely a big blow to their industry so work in egypt turned out well so far at the moment there's an i.m.f. loan that lays in the balance of four point eight billion dollars one that this was negotiated with with morsi at the time during his rule and at the time the i.m.f. they insisted upon high taxes and fuel subsidies to be phased out but that was never really concluded and while that was being negotiated cats are well subsidizing the economy but they were connected to deal with the the muslim brotherhood and now that that has disbanded the money from council is also laying
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in the balance as well as all these question marks as to whether going to be getting their money externally from now surely you sounds like a tough situation there and it also sounds like both sources are in danger of drawing up and but what about the united states is it a situation where does it go well this one point five billion dollars in aid actually being held up by event and that's because the u.s. law forbids loans to countries where the military is involved in an unconstitutional change of government so again money from the u.s. is a real question mark as well as many question marks and also foreign investment to we know that investors they hate instability and you've got that in abundance right now in egypt it doesn't help that egypt has been downgraded consistently by credit rating agencies so at the moment instability uncertainty is helping the economy also well the country does sound like it is in dire straits but although economy is revolving largely around tourism it still remains a large oil exporter it does is
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a large oil export. it was also makes money and lots of other commodities as well so the results is a mess all cotton textiles chemicals as well and right now by all getting money from other external sources today we've got gulf states providing the u.a.e. saudi arabia kuwait all offering up money some money from eight to twelve million dollars which egypt is certainly not in a situation to turn down right now. russia says the evidence it's uncovered implicating syrian rebel forces in the use of chemical weapons is solid and can be made public that relates to a deadly zaria nerve gas attack on the city of aleppo in march and speaking at a news conference in moscow russia's foreign minister said washington's earlier
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claim that the syrian government was responsible was based on a flawed analysis are usually so now we have more but sergei lavrov really highlighted here in moscow today just after vitaly churkin made it clear that this evidence was being passed on to buying ki-moon was that the investigation that took place that was conducted or at least put together by the u.s. was very different from the investigation that we now have the results of from these russian investigators which were conducted basically at international standards where the u.s. investigation certainly according to our probe was done under very very shady circumstances which was doing your go to the statements made by france and the united states evidence that chemical weapons were used by the assad regime you could say no indication is time or place moreover there is no evidence that the samples were taken by those who carried out the tests they were passed from hand to hand and some of the samples were obtained from journalists there and you believe
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that this does not meet the standards of the organization for. the prohibition of chemical weapons our investigation was conducted in one hundred percent compliance with the standard rules and unlike our western partners we are not concealing the findings they've been submitted to the united nations secretary and to security council members if the secretary is to grease the evidence can be made public which it is conclusive and i think it will eliminate a lot of questions that they're going to have rove went on to point out that this revelation of this investigation and the results of course has a back story and it goes back to damascus asking the u.n. really pushing the u.n. to conduct an investigation on site that never happened in according to sergei lavrov very frankly he says he believes it's because of pushing and demanding by western partners at the u.n. security council and this is why russia went ahead with this investigation on site on the ground i do to damascus and their claims that this was in fact that attack
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that took place in march in the suburbs of aleppo that it was by the armed rebels that it wasn't by the regime. results of course have been washington is aware of them but so far the only reaction we've had is that they think it's very unlikely that this evidence will prove that the rebels are behind this and that legislation to ship arms to syria began after these allegations that the assad regime was behind this chemical attack with no proof congress has not given that the green light there seems to be a lot of disagreeing on both sides of the aisle you have the white house you have very clear representatives from the white house the vice president the secretary of state trying to lobby to get that green light to get those weapons to the opposition in syria you have people adding me against that congress so far holding up and blocking that and then in congress you also have committees so-called war hawks one of them led by carl levin where he openly calls for the friends of syria
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group to start precipitation airstrikes on the assad regime so it is but the opinions seem to be very clear either for or against military action well more news coming your way including a look at where and snowden could be heading next after the break. with the military getting control of the troops what does the future hold for egypt is this country's experiment with democracy a thing of the past what signal does this to send to islamic parties in the region
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that will want to contribute taishan among egyptians ever be redeemed. do we speak your language as anybody will or not advance. programs in documentaries and spanish what matters to you breaking news it will turn it into angles stories. here. i'll teach spanish to find out more visit i to add tito it's called. welcome back this is our t.v. us intelligence leaker edward snowden is way off or is for political asylum from surreal latin american nations with speculation mounting that he'll be heading to venezuela support for the whistleblower on the run as a growing on the continent and speaking exclusively to r.t.
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ecuador's foreign minister called on other countries to follow the example set by but as whalebone levy and they go and offer refuge to victims of us political persecution moreno work now picks out the highlights of the interview. as the world waits to see which country edward snowden will pick as his new home martine spoke exclusively with ecuador's foreign minister ricardo patino about the n.s.a. whistleblower and the fallout following his revelations now ecuador was the first to initiate an emergency summit among south american states after a plane carrying bolivian president evo morales was grounded in vienna last week it was grounded according to reports on suspicion that snowden was on board from moscow foreign minister put seno says the unprecedented violation of international law should prompt more countries to offer their assistance to snowden.
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after the incident with a boomerang as we have no doubt to the snowden is being pursued at an international level i mean the country has to offer him asylum in ecuador is also considering this option but it'll be better if it's not just three countries that come forward to offer him protection but ten twenty or one hundred states ecuador's foreign minister told r.t. that he was thoroughly surprised at the scale of the u.s. surveillance system in particular that programs were created to indiscriminately spy on people in latin america and even friendly states in europe now but senior said he was also shocked that instead of being persistent in demanding immediate explanations from the u.s. about its pervasive spying some european countries allegedly work together to ground the plane of a world leader and put the life of bolivia's president in danger. it's just outrageous if it had been a european leader or the american president it would have triggered a war if any latin american country had done this then troops and fighter jets
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would have been sent in to rescue the leader you can't just discriminate against countries so that some nations see their international rights observed while others are ignoring. that the foreign minister of ecuador argues that the plane incident indicates that europe he says now functions as america's back yard a position that latin america has rejected to serve. largest marine a fortnight there and don't miss the full version of our exclusive interview with the ecuadorian foreign minister here on r.t. at six forty five pm g.m.t. . snowden surveillance leaks are threatening to complicate a key u.s. china conference that's about to get underway in washington the theme is strategic and economic dialogue but cyber security could become a made hot topic following revelations of massive scale u.s. hacking into chinese companies and university databases well it's now talk to dr
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simon chan associate professor at the chinese university of hong kong and joining us now live so mr chairman to what extent do you think snowden's revelations could overshadow the conference in washington where basically you are trying to we're going to your situation because. the other day should many days ago in china being made your movements themselves so the chinese would go to americans but wouldn't it was founded on their own do most of opinions in trying to overuse the americans but no so i think the whole situation would go to the chinese to get this moment well not so don't go during the latest meeting between the u.s. and chinese leaders president obama criticized beijing for hacking into u.s. corporations in your opinion will the tone change now. with
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snowden case would definitely be munched and but i think the interesting point to start beijing is quite restrained to make public condemnation used to americans in china only the most radical newspaper of the global times had many such allegation but he was supposed to be official close did not make these kind of a strong comment that's going to states so i would expect the issue it had some impact on the nations and cyber security would not be made public so as mentioned the previous version of the chinese is in the inferior position the chinese are going to be your position right now but after just one case and it is the chinese thing they kind of bones that they can also prove the united states so i don't think the allegation made by the americans to be about it at this moment and as most of the chinese what they fear the new situation was interesting it was a trip into the motives of the countries involved washington said the china's
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computer hacking timothy's were motivated by commercial interests while america's mass spying program is purportedly part of anti terror after its and yet at the same time as he university of hong kong allegedly targeted why it was washington's new bunning a versity. these are separate cases i think it's hard to tell the intentions of the chinese have to those are the american hikers i thing they're all. having different or originations of the purpose but regarding this specific case of the one chinese you post on call and there are different occasions one is to assess the need to send you up your post to which is also hosting the internet's communication a phone call would be the targets but some would also imagine there might be some sense of information. posted by someone who doesn't know how and that might you deserve some kind of attention and some universities in the boundaries would also
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provide sensitive informations regarding if they were of the neighboring regions of china that would also have military implications so there would that could be some strategically important how can point to speak in hong kong and you didn't get to post these but we can confirm the existing ok system to. will and instead it's being disclosed right now is on shan an associate professor at the chinese university of hong kong. and in today's regular sat host abby martin also speaks with amount credited with being a first time to say agent to blow the whistle on government misconduct and here's what's coming up next hour. the very first person to claim the title of n.s.a. whistleblowers a man you've probably heard the least about his name is russell tice and he served twenty years with in various government agencies including the n.s.a. a two thousand and five ties blew the whistle on the n.s.a. and gave an unlawful and unconstitutional surveillance of american citizens so here
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to tell us his story and why he thinks that snowden's leaks are just barely scratching the surface rust tice thank you so much for coming on thanks for having what did you see that made you come on board the whistle and nationally well the first thing our soul was on a satellite system specialist so with the things that i was doing with satellites i found out sort of inadvertently that american citizens were being spied upon by your base capabilities so that was my first sort of heads up in the what was going on and i was just shocked because n.s.a. was not supposed to do this it was against regulation that was against the law it was against our constitution. that. if you've ever seen anything like that.
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mosque is gearing up for its first mayoral election and a decade with almost all candidate names now submitted the vote itself is scheduled for september the eighth and there's no shortage of hopefuls with forty candidates . has put forward so far of those just a few have met the registration requirements which include collecting over one hundred signatures from city lawmakers and whoever emerges the eventual winner will have a daunting task ahead of them running one of europe's largest cities and bringing in a severely overloaded transport system under control artist like here chaps he has a story. those who last visited moscow more than two decades ago would hardly recognize it today. from a grim ofen unfriendly city it has turned into a major european capital with glossy lights and vibrant lifestyles. however the
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facelift came at a cost traffic jams overground human jams on the ground and the never ending din of construction have reached a critical point six generations. of believes the time has come for change that's all. got to solve real global city from top to. bottom pushing the debt some somebody. who can see all that he could do is ministration much appreciation it not being creative about how to provide the will be to decide to seek to solve now or have what with that destruction task the collapse but but if people do this and that change may well be on the way to acting mayor said bannon handed in his resignation letter a snap election was called and the reaction from mayor want to be said has been swift the flight that's on the way for the mayoral seat is unprecedented. only due
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to the number of candidates which exceeds thirty but also because the last time russia's capital elected its boss was a decade ago this position long has been appointed one and this is part of a huge process i think this is a second major step in reforming the political system of the russian federation this position is very important and it's crucial to the future and the current state of the country not just moscow itself in this battle for moscow candidates of radically contrasting profiles and backgrounds are coming up with very different ideas from charging car owners for driving into the city center to replacing labor migrants from central asia with the robots the acting mayor said who is this time running without the ruling party support wants to build on his current achievements and is offering to implement more high tech features into everyday life opposition activist and blogger alexina miley currently on trial for allegedly home and prioritizes the fight against corruption and introducing younger faces into local
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authorities this eccentric candidates ski or as he's better known the spider a former heavy metal front man has promised to hand a new son over the russian capital and build a new imperial moscow each political party has put its own contender forward but regardless of who wins everyone agrees that this job will be no walk in the park. mosco is often called a country within a country so whoever takes the rain here may have to be more than just a talented manager so after years of practically nonexistent elections the russian capital braces itself for an increase of densely heated political battle and that complaint is gaining intensity with every day let's see reporting from moscow. and coming up peter lavelle and his guest look at where the chaos in egypt to be leading rostock is next.
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well with. science technology innovation all the least of elements from around russia we've got the future covered. i would rather ask questions for people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on r.t. question more. please
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